Pull over for that bambulance!

That wasn’t a typo. It’s a bamboo amublance, also known as the “bambulance.”

An international team of designers, Philippa Mennell (Canada), Chris Ryan (Canada), Niki Dun (Canada) and Philippe Schlesser (Luxembourg) teamed up with the Design For Development Society to create the first ever bamboo-ambulance.

Bamboo is a cost-efficient and sustainable material for many communities in Africa, where the design team is piloting the bambulance (western Kenya to exact). Bicycle inner tube and reused trucking tarp are other local materials also used in the design. The bambulance has 13″ clearance from road obstacles and a low center of gravity to allow for a safe transport of patients to clinics and hospitals by bicycle.

Designers hope that the bambulance will ease the work of medical workers in underdeveloped and under served communities around the world, while also teaching locals to new trade through its creation and daily use. The design was recently dubbed a finalist in the Community category of the 2009 Index:Award Design to Improve Life. 

Read more about this story on GOOD.is,  or check out the bambulance founding story here.


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