Nonprofits can learn a lot from Businesses

Both nonprofits and corporate business can learn from each other. Michael Porter discusses how nonprofits can learn from business to solve some of society’s biggest problems. Take a look, you may be surprised by what he has a say.

Medical Tourism Around the World

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Pull over for that bambulance!

That wasn’t a typo. It’s a bamboo amublance, also known as the “bambulance.” An international team of designers, Philippa Mennell (Canada), Chris Ryan (Canada), Niki Dun (Canada) and Philippe Schlesser (Luxembourg) teamed up with the┬áDesign For Development Society┬áto create the first ever bamboo-ambulance. Bamboo is a cost-efficient and sustainable material for many communities in Africa, where the design team is piloting the bambulance (western Kenya to exact). Bicycle inner tube…