Reflections on Haiti #282

On a personal level, I’ll admit that prior to Haiti didn’t think I needed to be more open, courageous or curious; I didn’t think I had many more lines of comfort to cross. Yet volunteering in Port Au Prince invited me to reexamine myself in the context of another country’s culture–not to mention an international group of volunteers with their own customs and traditions! When I volunteered to come help provide free healthcare to Haitians, I understood I was giving with no expectation of a return–but in fact, like another medical volunteer said–we often receive more than we give from these mission.

So what is it exactly that let the trip leave such a transformational impact on me? I’ll leave you the highlights below, and allow for questions and assumptions because, of course, everyone’s experience will be unique.

  • The team of volunteers, their un-abandoned love for others and extraordinary dedication to learning
  • The Haitian people, for their resilience, positivity and humanity
  • The Root USA team, for making me laugh (to tears) harder than usual, for putting me far out of my comfort zone that I thought was already gone and beyond everything else—for believing I can make a difference despite minimal evidence

I already have a lot to be thankful for this year.


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